New and Improved
You may be noticing some changes around here in the next little while. As has been mentioned on several podcasts, we're going to be updating the way we bring you exclusive perks for pledging to our Patreon.

Starting this month, we've shifted around some of our pledge levels (namely the $10 and $20 levels) to more easily use Patreon as a platform.

From now on, everyone at the $10 level and above will get the Early Access Package, which currently includes Quiver: The Green Arrow Podcast and The Rebels Podcast, posted here on Patreon as soon as they're ready, instead of waiting for us to post them (usually the next day). We plan to bring more podcasts to you in the Early Access Package, so stay tuned for more info regarding that.

For the $20 level, you get everything from the Early Access Package, plus the Super Early Access Package, which includes The Pullbox Podcast and 8 Bits of Destiny full length episodes at the beginning of the month, rather than waiting for the regular episodic releases throughout the month.

We welcome any and all feedback on this new system, as this Patreon is something that will constantly be evolving as we add more shows and find new and exciting ways to bring you the ThunderQuack content you crave.

Thanks for you support,