New Art! Keyword Drawings - "Dark Fairy" & "Whimsical Pinup"

I've been working this month on many things, from completing portraits for my BLM charity drive to also doing these ink drawings for Limited Edition Birthstone Goddesses Coloring Books that were bought via the Goddesses of Spring Kickstarter. 

NOTE:  These Limited Edition books are available ONLY through my Kickstarter Add On shops, but can also be found in my Patreon Secret Shop, should anyone here be tempted!

KEYWORDS: "Dark Fairy"

I've had a character in my head for years who was a mischievous fairy who liked to eat butterflies and moths.  I don't think she's necessarily evil, but she does enjoy a good prank!

Drawn with Micron Pens & Faber-Castel PITT Warm and Cool Grey Markers.

KEYWORDS:  "Whimsical Pinup"

After all the Art Nouveau style I've been working in, I couldn't resist channeling the mood of Alphonse Mucha's lovely theatre posters for this one!  Faeries were still on my brain and she ended up a 'light' version of the Dark Fairy.

I somehow ended up with an unintentional Princess Zelda vibe with this one. I am okay with this!

Drawn in Micron Pens.

I hope you enjoyed the ink sketches!  I ended up liking them so much that I plan to add them to my Fantasy coloring page offerings once I have time to clean up and re-draw the line art, so stay tuned for them to be included in the next coloring page offering poll!

My Muse seems to really enjoy taking an abstract prompt and running away with the ideas the words generate.  I enjoy this more spontaneous process as a way to relax from my usual meticulously planned process.

More portraits coming next, plus Anko's Outfit Challenge!

 ♥  Ang


If you use my material links here to purchase supplies via Amazon, I get a little kickback!  I hope you all have fun with your inking projects.

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