New Art! Little Gem Goddesses of Winter

With the debut of the chibi style Goddesses of Winter during their enamel pin campaign, it was about time to share these little ladies here!  These were the first gals I finished in the chibi set, with January being the first one created and December being the last.  The poses for each goddess grew more dynamic and adventurous over time, which you can definitely tell between these two particular ladies!

Little Lady of December

This gal was the last one to be completed and I think the most ambitious as far as decorative background elements!  She channels a gentle snowfall and candlelit warmth all at once.  She's possibly the most fabulous chibi with her flowing cloak!

Little Lady of January

Little January here was the first chibi who was created!  I was still finding my way with this series and its definitely evolved from this one, but you cannot deny she is still the sassiest of the set!

Little Lady of February

I started getting more ambitious with the set props starting with this lady!

If you'd like to watch the recordings of the livestreams of the creations of these chibis, you can watch them here:


  • Wallpapers - Coming Wednesday for $1 and up Patrons.
  • Coloring Pages - Already available for $5 and up Patrons.


The Little Gem Goddesses of Spring are the next to be released during the next Kickstarter for their accompanying pins!  It's been really fun to do these light and lovely gals. I hope you have enjoyed them as much as I have!

Is your favorite Goddess the same among the chibi style versions as your favorite among the main paintings?  Share in comments!

♥ Ang

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