New Art & A Little News

I've been a lil quiet because I'm tangled up with personal chaos (trying to get some steady income and I have to get a new apartment in January) but working hard to keep things rolling. This is also why I've been slacking on live-streams. I'm away from my gear which makes me sad. It's not a dead thread though.

I haven't been posting the articles to here but if any of you would like me to re-start that I will. Or maybe if I just start posting the highlights. Let me know if you have a preference.

I got some new art posting this week. As always if you're a backer then you're previous contributions are acting as credit whenever you want something I've made. Keep your eyes up though. These are mostly originals but a there's little fanart sprinkled in.

I also made sure that I made another coloring book page for ya'll. It'll be up this week as well. Another flora and skull. I dunno if I want to theme the whole set this way... but I think I want about 6 of these. If you have any thoughts though... I'm listening.