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New Article—Donald Trump: Anti-Capitalist
As you can imagine, my criticisms of Donald Trump are not winning me many fans among party loyalists. But I'm loyal to principle, not party, so I can deal with that.

Please read and share my latest article, "Donald Trump: Anti-Capitalist."

In this article, I review six ways that Trump opposes capitalism. Here are the highlights:

1. Trump threatened Amazon with political reprisals via tax and antitrust enforcement.

2. Trump praises eminent domain, and his businesses have threatened to use it.

3. Trump has threatened a “trade war” with other nations.

4. Trump wants to restrict immigration on explicitly protectionist grounds.

5. Trump relied on subsidies and discriminatory taxation to get ahead in business.

6. Trump financed anti-gambling campaigns in New York to protect his gambling operations in Atlantic City.

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