New Article, New Misinformation
Hi Patrons,

Another day, another reporter misrepresents my actual interview with them. 

If I needed another reminder why I should stop doing interviews (at least with the Australian press), I think I got that reminder today. 

On June 12, 2017, I did an hour long interview with an Aussie reporter named Greg Callaghan. I thought it was a great interview as far as exploring and expressing deeper insights into my background and why I'm a filmmaker. Much of what we talked about I've never said before in an interview, so I've been excited for his article to be released, thinking it'd be something fresh and raw.

His article was released today, and I'm so disappointed in the story he tried to weave which is so different than the interview we had. 

I do have the audio recording of the entire interview we did and I'm contemplating releasing it. I don't know if anyone would care to listen to it all, but I think for the sake of having it on record, maybe it's important that the audio of my interview is out there for the public? What do you all think?

Here's his article:

I'm really so disappointed. I do these interviews thinking it will finally set the record straight, and yet it just puts more misinformation about me out there.