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New Article - Why trades, anyway?

My newest article is out on Geekdad, where I talk about why I collect comics the way that I do in a more personal essay. It was difficult to write, but worth it.

My one bit of rebellion is that on patreon, I got to stylize the title the way that I wanted. Hah. Take that, not having a comma.

Check it out here: 

As to what's next, here's what's I've got in the immediate future.

1: A How To Collect article, with Harley Quinn, the Palmiotti/Conner DC Universe, The Order of the Stick, or Michelinie/Layton Iron Man. Check out the patreon-only poll to determine which one I do next - while I will do them all, a queue like that will be two months, minimum. If there's something you're interested in seeing but don't want to wait for, all you need to do is pledge a single dollar and you'll be able to vote. Voting closes on 5/19/19.

2: I'm also heading to SpringCon in Minnesota on Saturday and Sunday, partly because I love comics and this is an actual place for that, but also because I want to do some compare and contrast for AwesomeCon 2019. One is a comic convention, the other is... something else entirely, and talking about that will be a lot of fun. AwesomeCon is the first convention I went to as part of a family outside of things with my dad, so being able to take a parent's perspective on things will make me very happy indeed. I've already written a little on the subject with K. Tilden Frost, but let me tell you right now, giving that experience secondhand is a far cry from actually being there. 

I'd love to know what you think, or anything else you might be interested in hearing me write about.

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