New Ashwin Enjoys Nature tomorrow!
Hey Patrons! I was expecting to only get done this weekend with the new AEN, but I had a creative streak last night and I'm going to post the new episode TOMORROW And thanks so much for your pledges. Because of them, I'm gonna be able to visit a park in April that I've been fantasizing about forever(like 4 months)! ~~The Everglades~~ Shiiiiiit who's excited Me (Ashwin) at least
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I lack confidence in myself, this is probably all I'd expect.

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I mean this is probably all I'm worth, max.

I'll send you heartfelt email and think of you whenever I sneeze
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Well this would be a dangerous ego-boost.

When I look for suggestions or where to go or what to hipify next, or when I use online comments in my videos, I'll come to you first and give your youtube name a shout-out if that video gets made.
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Wow, 10$, that's actually thoughtful. I mean I deserve it but thanks.

I'll send you a video of me eating a whole raw vegetable once a month. The vegetable changes every month. You'll also get all previous rewards
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Finally, like shit, you kind of owe me.

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