New Babylon Tower Builder Kit - in progress!
Well, this month has slipped by as I've attempted to carry out my civic duty and soak in the horror of the US presidential election so that I might make an informed decision. I've cast my vote and there's no going back, and my mind is free again to wander to much more pleasant things -- such as grimy rusty futuristic industrial textures!

I've figured out how to release the stackable modular kits I showed you earlier this month. There's going to be series of these model kits, starting with "New Babylon" (unless somebody else has a trademark on that, but I think I'm okay). I'm just getting started with the textures, which I'll start showing you in the next updates.

Here's the (work-in-progress) instructions booklet to give you an idea of what's included, and the overall complexity.

Because I know some of you will ask -- I'm considering adapting F. Randall Farmer's fold-flat stair designs as a free add-on for this kit later.

I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween (if that's your thing) and I'll be back soon with some new images.
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