New Backer Levels!
Hello, heroes!

Welcome, new backers! As this Patreon is about a year old now, it was time for a refresh. So we have ADDITIONAL new backer levels and new goals. 

 Here's the breakdown:


Kick in an extra buck and get access to deleted scenes/NEW draft chapters every time a story drops. See stuff before anyone else! (yes, I'll have a draft chapter of The Broken Heavens up first!)


Trading cards! As suggested here, at the $15 level you'll get a story trading card printed, signed, and mailed to you every time a story drops.


Extra chapbook! If you love chapbooks (I know some folks here work with libraries/collections) at this level you get all of the above, plus an additional chapbook every year in March, as well as the usual ones in July and December. 


New level for those who'd like everything above, plus postcards from my travels, which will now contain 6-word short stories instead of just "It is nice and sunny here!" stuff. So, another story medium! 


Skype session! Every time a story drops, you get a 30 minute audio-only Skype session with me to talk shop about whatever you want. Whisky, writing, plot holes, Chipotle, why Morena Baccarin didn't have more to do in Deadpool... whatever! Limited to 5 folks. Trying this out; if we hate it we can nix it.

Note that we also have news goals. I've shifted our goals, as life circumstances have changed for me. The podcast now unlocks at $2,500 instead of $3,500 (we are only $750 or so from that now). And we have a "Kameron quits her day job!" level at $5,500 (I am not making what others are in backlist royalties yet, and travel for events is expensive). Our paperback story collection unlocks at $7,500 now. 

Thanks again to everyone for their support. You are aces.  Let me know what you think about all this in the comments. Always open to further thoughts!