New Beginnings!
HI EVERYONE!! welcome to my Patreon page. My name is Jack, I am an avid drawer and aspiring artist. I created this page, not for financial gain(however, always appreciated), but so that i could share my art to the large community on patreon. I have a youtube channel, so if you have ideas for videos, its always appreciated. I hope you enjoy my art, and if you have any friends who miay be interested in my art, let them know bout my page. i am always here if you have any questions about anything, and i am more than willing to listen to any CONSTRUCTIVE feedback you have about any of my art.  if you like what you see do not forget to follow. If you become a patron of mine, you get special live streams, giveaways, art peices and more. if you pledge, then first of all, I freaking love you, and second af all it helps me out alot with getting art supplies, which i can use to create bigger and better art peices for you guys. Again, thanks for clicking on my page.