New Bible Study - SOAP Journal
 We are beginning our new bible study today so I have created two new items for you!!

First, a SOAP Journal download printable. This is available for FREE to everyone and will be available on my blog at You are welcome to share it with anyone.

Second, for those that are supports at the $8 level, you will be receiving our very first  Bible Study Journal.

This is also available in my etsy shop for those that are not Patreon supporters at this level,

If you purchase this in my shop or receive it from the Patreon $8 support level, In this Bible Study Journal printable download, you will get:

Bible Study Sheet for each Day that has Scripture Passage (Day) and area for writing in Today's Date, Keywords/Definitions Area, Notes & Supporting Scriptures.

Next you will also for each day receive a place to write the Challenge Question
and your Response. I will give you this question everyday on Facebook at
Not only that but you also get a sheet for each day to write the daily
Prayer Requests, Praises/Blessings & Illustration Area.

Last in this, you will receive a daily sheet for your SOAP.
This has a new format but the same information:  S.O.A.P. Scripture Area
Observation, Application, Prayer.

I hope that you love the New SOAP Journal and check out the new bible study journal available in the shop!! Linked below is the FREE download of the SOAP Journal.

See you in our new bible Study!

Hugs! Jen