Composed a new bio that should get everyone up to speed on what I have been and continue to be up to. Remind y'all what you are investing in. Will have some posts up soon with more free stuff for donors:

"Hi. I'm Rani. I make weird music and art and sometimes write stuff that is funny or at least packed with obscure facts and research. I write and or have written for several venues, which I will list in a moment, and through them have been quoted in Ms. Magazine, The Nation and Indiewire. I also create oddball video games which you can sample on my (Itch) and (Gamejolt)  profiles. Maybe you've already stumbled across some of my stuff. I want  a chance to take it more seriously, and I hope you want to help out  with that. Thanks for viewing!

I'm most consistently recognized as the frontperson of the band Destroyed For Comfort (which recently released the Negativland-eque concept album Gender Identity Witch), creating the comic  book Why I'm Not An Artist in the 90s (which is now a sporadic webcomic and dork culture blog), and slightly less so for the video  games Never Go To Work (which was received well on Boing Boing) and Lithium (which got the attention of PC Gamer).

I've written multiple pieces for Cracked, Harlot Media, Transadvocate, Grunge, Looper, as well as the educational resource publisher ABC-CLIO and a handful of other places, and have been quoted/interviewed in  the Daily Dot, Flunk Rock, TransEthics and Original Plumbing (amongst others). You can also purchase zines I have put together for myself or other venues on the Gumroad store.  Between Bandcamp,, and Gumroad there are opportunities to  directly support my work you most enjoy if you find crowdfunding  distasteful; this profile is here to provide me some breathing room (and  groceries and medical expenses and such) as I navigate freelancing my creative labor. This form of employment doesn't come with an insurance plan.

Upcoming projects include: I'm updating Jillian Mayeather's awesome game Stealth with new graphics sound and music, working on a second comic book for carnival performance artist Katya Kadavera  (the first issue, as well as collectible cards I designed are available  at her merch booth at all of her performances!) composing an  anti-fashwave EP for Destroyed For Comfort with a name I'm withholding  until release, a sequel for my game Dead Gods, expanding Never Go To Work and Corner Of Sunny Lane And Easy Street into a four-part series, and much more!"

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