New blog!
Hey DC Nation, Here’s my blog for all to see. For one time only, this post will be available everywhere.

Let’s help our friends in Houston:

If you want to help those in Houston or Louisanna affected by Harvey, Check out @RedCross's Tweet:

Visit or or give blood or text Harvey to 90999 to donate 10 bucks to  the Hurricane relief fund.

If you want real news updates, follow this handle @BlueStar_couch on Twitter.

The Houston situation is going take a long time before they can have any kind of normalcy, we’re talking decades so continue to help as long as you can.

Then if you want to help more, help my blog grow into a community. Do that by becoming a patron at In doing so, you help me pay the bills and continue doing what I love which is writing about the ‘Boys. I can’t do this without you, my DC family.