[New blog post] Cathleen Morawetz - relentless problem solver
This morning, as I was catching up on things I'd missed after spending a long weekend in the mountains (camping and hiking!), I learned of the passing of Cathleen Morawetz, theoretical mathematician. She'd been on my "to write about" list for a while because of her remarkable career in abstract mathematics.

Cathleen Morawetz's story isn't one of overcoming hardships, but it is inspirational nonetheless because it shows us what women can achieve when given the chance, and echoes many of the modern day calls for a better work-life balance for all researchers, regardless of gender or parenting-status. She was given the early support she needed to take a chance on a difficult career, and then she found a place that enabled her to do her best work while also helping her to maintaining a life outside of research.

Read the post on the SRPS blog: https://selfrescuingprincesssociety.blogspot.com/2017/08/cathleen-morawetz-relentless-problem.html