New Board! but not really...
This board is called the trigBoard - same as the Pusher board, just renamed.  Why change the name?  well, because I was too lazy to do a simple google search for existing companies called "Pusher" that do very similar things.  Because I think this board is so cool, I had a small batch of them made up and they're now available for sale:

Due to this now being a "commercial product", I decided to give the board a new name to avoid any hassles in the future.  Interestingly, when I finally did do that google search, I found that the trigBoard might actually work pretty smoothly on the platform... I'll have to give that try.  Also, if you weren't a fan of PushBullet, I discovered Pushover:  So again, I'll have to test that too.  

Lots of other cool things coming too - working on a project now integrating a highly accurate temperature sensor into the board, so you can send that data along with the trigger message... I've got a board in my mail box right now and it's been going strong every day triggering when the mail man comes, even in this ~5F weather ~70ft away from the router.  Thought it would be cool to report back temperature as well - maybe log that somewhere else once an hour when it wakes up to do the battery voltage measurement.

Oh and here's the new wiki for the trigBoard: