New Bonus Episode - drinking iced tea
Hello patrons, I just created a new bonus episode for the Bonus Podcast (available to those who pledged or pledge $5 or more).  

If you are subscribed then you should have a new episode appear today titled, "Bonus: Cafe - Drinking Iced Tea".  

In this 42 minute episode I describe my iced tea, drink the iced tea, tap on the glass bottle, swirl ice cubes ear-to-ear, and read interesting tidbits from Wikipedia about tea, iced tea, and sweet tea.

Be warned, it contains the sounds of me drinking, but I don't slurp : )  

Some of you might like this, some of you might not.  

Proceed accordingly : )

This episode is another good example of something I would not put on the main public podcast because not everyone will find it relaxing - but I wanted to do a drinking Cafe episode and so I gave it a go.

Harris : )