New book release
I published this book through amazon early today, and I just submitted spanish format 5 minutes ago. This is the 3rd book on Sacred Geometry coloring books.  I'm planning on releasing a Sacred Geometry coloring book for children. 

It is not complicated to design these type of books, but it is time consuming to edit over 125 designs using photoshop elements, and illustrator.

My goal was to publish 3 books for the month of march, I tried my best, so far I was able to submit one book on march 31th, and it was approved on April 1st. I just submitted the 2nd book.

The one book I'm still working on is 101 undeniable truths, and my goal is to publish this book on the month of April. 

I don't have much time left for today, it is 11:40pm, and I have to continue working.