New Build: Version 0.93!

Hi folks, we're wrapping up a new build late into the night, but there's a hefty chunk of video game here to sink your teeth into.

This week's build has been all about tying off a lot of different loose ends, and I gotta say... it feels good. There are still a few more things to wrap up before we're finished, but the end of chapter 8 is in sight. 

A little journey back to where the chapter begins is in order, a little polish here and there, and I think we'll be looking at a fresh new public build in no time. This may just be the biggest chapter to date. It's certainly the broadest chapter, in any case.

We hope you like it.


Version 0.93 - 7-26-2019

  • Continued the story progress in Aster Village
  • Concluded the quest to find the messenger birds in Aster Village
  • Concluded the quest to purchase provisions for Danforth Crook
  • Fixed some Aster Village transfer events causing Mercy to face the wrong way
  • Adjusted the pricing and balance of some consumable items
  • Rolled back changes to escaping combat & recovering HP/MP on level up (was causing unknown errors, and I didn’t care for how it changed game balance in the end)
  • Added a bunch of items to Aster Valley & Village
  • Added the Danforth Crook bandit crew to the cove (if you recruited them)
  • Earth Vial now restores 20% HP instead of 15%, and increases AGI, DEF and RES by 50% for 1 action. This is to help mitigate the brutal cycle of instant-death after using an Earth Vial, which is more prevalent and frustrating in the 2-person party dynamic than the more common 3 or 4 without just making it more rewarding to die and resurrect than it is to heal.
  • Updated a number of skills to apply the correct (new) attack element, between striking, piercing, slashing and crushing
  • Updated Sunder, so it now applies the ATK Down I State instead of the default debuff effect
  • Updated Neutrality & Absolution of the Sea, so they now remove more negative status effects (that have been added since their creation)
  • There are no longer 2 shopkeepers in Aster Village named “Misa”
  • Fixed some passability issues in Aster Village
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