New Calendar!
Hey Patrons! It's been a little crazy with the release of Message in a Bottle, and I've been seriously thinking about what my new schedule would look like now that it has become an (almost) weekly story. I've decided on the following schedule that will be effective as of next month. I'll probably continue updating Message in a Bottle on Saturdays along with my other updates until the end of the month.

Note that as Message in a Bottle is no longer occupying a Sr. Fellow slot, each of those stories has been bumped up, leaving the now-vacant slot at the bottom. Also note that each of the updates refer to the first day on which they're scheduled each month. (ie: Director updates are always on Wednesdays, Sr. Fellow updates are always on Saturdays, Monthly minifics are always on Mondays, etc)

A huge thank-you to every user who's helping me produce content I love for everyone to enjoy. 

Now a final note: I currently have 0 minific ideas in the queue. If you've got one, go ahead and submit it!