New Celestial Blue Biz Cards
Good day Patrons!  Hope this finds you all hale and hearty!

This is part of a milestone goal here on Patreon - I just ordered my first 500 official business cards, logo and all.  The info side of the card is attached below if you want to see it.  This is just a little celebration of making an important part of that goal! We're almost to $100 where I will complete that milestone!

Patreon released an iPhone app that I'm loving on my iPad - it basically filters all the creations you support into a feed and makes it really easy to view them, comment, like, be notified of new ones, as you like.  If you haven't tried it yet and you're an i-user I highly recommend it.  If you're an Android user, that version is on it's way and I'll try to let you know when it rolls out - tag me in the comments below.

Best of all things to you! Gratitude for your support.