New Cheese Talks Article + Robin's Rescue Released
A double whammy of an update today. In addition to Robin's Rescue builds and source being released, I've also published up a new Cheese Talks article. These are intended to compliment each other, and the article can be considered a bit of a roadmap for the game's source.

In Robin's Rescue, you play as Maid Marian, who must enter Sherrif Nottingham's castle to rescue Robin, who has somehow gotten himself captured. Again.

Robin's Rescue has been created as an example, and anybody who is interested is totally welcome to fork and modify it in accordance with the LGPL (source code) and CC-BY 3.0 (assets) licences! Grab the sources here.

Robin's Rescue has been updated to include new features that weren't in the previous patron only preview release. These updates include:

  • Updated backgrounds for every scene except the castle gate
  • Added new portcullis opening sound
  • Added a main/pause menu
  • Added save/load support
  • Added new grappling hook animations and sprites
  • Added new talk animations for Robin and Marian
  • Added new "walk" animation for Robin
  • Added new debug keys (F and B display floor regions and bounding boxes)
  • Added new Marian responses for examining/using things
  • Added new Robin dialogue
  • Uncommented source code!

The new Cheese Talks article takes a look at using the SLUDGE engine to create point and click adventure games, touching on the SLUDGE tools and language, as well as some helpful code patterns.

This is an expanded version of the patron only Some Thoughts On SLUDGE post, which includes nicer code formatting, screenshots of the SLUDGE tools, additional resources. Any patrons who want to skip to the new bits can probably get by with jumping to the Resources section and checking the footnotes.

Both the article and the game have been a bunch of fun to work on, and I am, once again super thankful to have the support of my wonderful patrons (listed in included in the Robin's Rescue repo and builds) behind me!

If anybody is inspired to create something, leave a comment here or shoot me an email or a tweet - I'd love to hear about it!