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NEW Color page for the Bean #34
Hi my dear friends and supporters. Here is today's color update. I cannot believe that we are 3 pages shy of finishing Chapter 1 of the first book in color. I am setting up chapter 2 color modes as well. Plus I am still working on chapter 16 of the b/w comic (non-paid updates). I am trying to get myself back into a place where I can update the b/w comic twice a week. There is a lot of incredible thing happening here in the world of the Broken Moon. Some I can talk about and a few things I cannot. So what can I talk about. 1st off I am beginning to prepare for the kickstarter book 4. I am really close to finishing off the next adventure in the world of the bean. I really excited at having the time to finish off book 4 and get into book 5. What is amazing is where everything is going with this story. I am feeling that my epic is finally getting into it's own groove. Plus the PHONE CHAT will be on skype the Friday at 10am PST for those backers at that reward level. I will be sending you a message as soon as I can. Also thank you again for all the support- you guys have really made this project possible. The color work is starting to open doors for the bean and this story and I am soooo thankful for that help. Keep creating trav-
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