Ok, my last Patreon installment was a One-Gal Band so I'm giving you guys comedy this time around. Everyone responded so well to the first episode of Ali's Adventures that it looks like I'm gonna keep the series going :D As long as I can keep living an interesting life. I'll work on that for you all haha


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Outrageous Pal-y!
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  • You get access to all the swell things I put on my private activity wall!
  • You get to help me decide what parts of life need to be turned into songs for "Life the Musical"!! - Explained here!
  • You get exclusive access to my entire secret SpagsChat catalog of my daily vlog videos (only for Patreon Pal-ys every Tuesday)
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  • (This started out as me sending personal thank yous but you can also get this tier to have me film a video for someone else! Got a friend's birthday coming up? Want me to tell your kid they're Outrageous?? Want me to be your voicemail message???)
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Superhero Squad!
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