Hey Patrons! So, I've started a new webcomic. Yes, another one! This one is a continuation of The Way to Your Heart; TWTYH: Second Verse. It takes place in the future, revolving around a high-school aged Haruki and a very world-famous Orochi. And Sakuzo. OF COURSE, Sakuzo. :D The private content for $10+ Patrons will include sketches and WIPs of Second Verse as well. I hope you'll look forward to them! I've also added a new Reward for pledges of $75 which will include all of the previous rewards AND early access to Second Verse. We'll really get things rolling in October. Thanks so much for becoming my Patrons so early, while I've still been learning the ropes! I really appreciate the support so I can keep doing what I love. ^_^