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Social Justice Barbarian
$1 or more per month 33 patrons
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Social Justice Soldier
$2 or more per month 20 patrons
You get some prizes at this pledge level. 
  • access to exclusive bonus content posted on my feed, such as works in progress and looks at my comic-making process
  • see all comics a day early, while the rest of the world has to wait (suckers)
Social Justice Cavalier
$3 or more per month 5 patrons
Above plus...
  • more bonus content: original sketches for patron eyes only, alternate endings/punchlines
  • downloadable art
Social Justice Warrior
$5 or more per month 15 patrons
Above plus...
  • even MOAR bonus content: commentary on my work and creative process, comic writing "tutorials" (I'm no authority, but I'll break down how I do what I do), and occasional rants about society that we'll call "analysis"
  • your name added to the Social Justice Party on (with link if desired)
Social Justice Knight
$7 or more per month 2 patrons
 Above plus...
  • join me for periodic live video Q&A / AMA
  • collaborate with me - submit suggestions and vote to help me choose topics, projects, storylines, new characters, etc.
Social Justice Dragon Knight
$10 or more per month 4 patrons
  Above plus...
  • a signed print of a comic
  • personal thanks on Twitter & Facebook, and I'll plug your project
  • 25% discount on custom art / commissions
Social Justice Paladin
$25 or more per month 3 of 10 patrons
   Above plus...
  • You get to appear in a comic!
  • 50% discount on custom art / commissions and at my Etsy shop
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