New Comic/Updates!
Things have been a little bit busy on my side of the world the past few weeks, but I've got lots of exciting updates heading this way.  

First things first, here is this week's Steggy Hugs comic! This one started out as a little doodle and then morphed into a whole page painting/comic.

Second, in the next few weeks, I'm going to be updating rewards for patrons. I'll be shifting a lot of the rewards down, so if you're a $1 patron, you'll soon be receiving the $3 rewards (but will still pay the $1 pledge amount), and so on. Don't worry though! I'm setting it up so that the updated rewards will result in each level getting more cool stuff, not less. 

Third, every little bit helps, so if you're able, sharing links to my Patron page on social media helps a ton. I'm pushing to have stickers and prints available as soon as possible, and helping me get the word out helps me make that happen faster. 

THANK YOU all for your support and have a GREAT week. <3

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