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New comic: NEW HAVEN LODGE - Patreon Preview 1
I'm excited to debut the first section of my new comic called "New Haven Lodge".

This is the first of three installments that break down to roughly 10 print pages. 

I've been loving working on this story. It combines some of my favorite things. I love exploring places that have historical significance, especially if it's a location that his little importance to most people but means a lot to me.  There's "then and now" pictures of old buildings (seriously, I love picture sets like that). There's some 1930's gangster stuff is coming up, and even some super heros! I haven't drawn a comic with superheroes in it in over a decade!

The plan is to post this story for Patreon backers only at first. Then when the whole story is complete I'll make it available to the general public.

Thanks for sticking out this long comic drought with me. I've been enjoying taking my time with these drawings and I hope it shows.

While I'm working on the next update I'll be posting work in progress versions of the pages above so you can see the process I used to put them together. I've also done screen recordings of the drawing of all of these pages which I'll be sharing soon. So stick around!

Also, have you seen how close we are to the Patreon Chaos Book? Yikes!

It really feels good to be posting again. 

Thank you. 

- Matt

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