New Announcements Coming Soon
Podcast explaining this all in a much more fun way, but a few new and exciting things are coming your way from The Drakkarium in the SOOOOON future.

Z-Day:  We are hosting a Reading and Q&A with Author Alex Fedyr who wrote the novel "Estranged, as well as Author Givante who wrote "Zombie Exterminators".  The event will be held on March 19th, at Auntie's Bookstore in Downtown Spokane.  Event starts at 7:00pm, so come one come all, it should be a great time.  The event will also be filmed, and we plan to release the video onto YouTube about a week after the event, and the podcasts version at the same time.

NERD Returning:  We are finally set up to record our podcasts in the quality we desired.  Though our old shows were fun, the equipment we used to record made it hard to listen to, but not anymore!  We have a full set of studio equipment to bring you high quality content!  We record the first new episode on Thursday, and we intend to release once proper editing can be done.  Tune in!

There is a lot more to learn in the Drakkarium Updates as they come, so make sure to subscribe to the feeds to hear the newest content first!