Hello & welcome back!

I'm sorry for the long absence, I have started TWO new projects in the meantime.

First: I will be producing, writing, composing & pressing a new EP this year, the title is "Ophelias Coffin". It'll contain 3 different style genres and 3 new songs. You can get the chance of being mentioned in the booklet and music video at the end of this year, if you sign up now (places will be limited).
Instrumentals, progress, etc. will be shared to all patrons 5$ tier and up!

Second: 2 NEW cosplays a month, one female presenting one male presenting character at a time. I will be sharing progress pictures, wig & make-up tips to patrons 20$ tier & up throughout the month!
You will be able to CHOSE your print cosplay for each month out of the two available ones (April patrons will be able to decide between Ayase Eri (Love Live) & Asuka Ryo (Devilam Crybaby)). 

And finally, NEW REWARDS!

I am releasing new Patreon Exclusive merch apart from the regular prints (buttons, posters,  polaroids, stickers, original design items) each month starting from April 1st (NOT AN APRIL FOOLS!!!).

I will still be shipping out Japan-only goods, sorry for the delay in that.
All March Patrons will be getting Sakura & Spring themed items, April will have a new theme.

Again, sorry for the long absence, good to be back!
- Himezawa