New Convention Equipment - Business Card Holder
From time to time you might want to know what your money is used for. Rightly so! In my case, the funds through Patreon are not used for living, but for investments to make my convention appearances (which make around 2/3 of my income) more special and appealing.

And last week I decided to skip my "free" collectable cards, which were actually a row of 6-8 different business cards, in favor for these two fellows which now serve to look eager and to give you that tiny thing you want to have - my business card ;)Btw. that is my daughter on the left side presenting them to you...

Running a booth on a convention is a business and giving free cards away takes real estate from your table, so I figured that I had to come up with a worthy exchange. On crowded conventions, they even take visitor space away, space that is better filled with people who want to purchase something!  If the visitors don´t get something for free, the way it will be delivered should stand out at least. I will still have the other cards, but they will become exclusive give-aways for orders or purchased items on the spot.

And to my surprise, I was really baffled that there are no ready-made business card holders like these action figures out there!I can imagine to change these from time to time, but I would need more support (and money) to create these. If there would be some interest, I could create some tutorials as well - as they are really easy to do. So please - spread the word and help me exploring that new opportunity, thanks!

I got them in a bundle and used hot glue and a small gas burner to tighten, change and alter their appearance. I believe it is a personal and authentic way to go with the inceptionism landscape paintings that has at least the Kaiju´s in them as well ;) A Gypsy Danger is in progress as well, so stay tuned for more, that series isn´t over XD

Let me know what you think and I hope you like these little fellows