New cool stuff coming this month! has a new page up! check it out! today I'm at home preparing for my new job as a cake decorator, so I'm making reverse shells and flowers on nails all day long. if you know what that means- awesome! anyway, you'll be seeing some new faces at the XP site in the next few weeks. Also, I'll be posting (finally) some character Bios! hooray! that means every other day this month I'll be sharing bios to the world, but inside info to my patrons on Patreon. Lots of exciting things are happening this month and next so hooray! the First Character I'll be showing off is Laura Cooper. me. yeah boi! so you can find that bio on Saturday!

I'll post the update schedule on Saturday AND the cool Character banner.

Thanks, always, for the support. You guys are helping me so much.

Laura Cooper

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