This is how "Sascha Martins TimeMachine" Cover  was born. 

It was long time ago, when #author John Arthur Nichol found me and I found him, from that a series of pictureBooks has begone starting from oneside of the planet - Australia - moving through all of it and ending at the other side - Italy.

A lot happens in between, I move to another house, it is going to be a new #bedandbreakfast , where btw you can come visit :D

oh and another Picturebook came first 

Sascha Martin's Rocket Ship

and another #kidlitnovel

Through the wormhole

Anyway we went back on Sascha Martins Time Machine and this is going to be a book for all time. Is for #Kindle fire, but it can be viewed also on other devices.

It is very challenging for me working on this project, because is not only that I constantly improve my #drawing #skill, but also my technical skill, all the images are not there static, something is happening everytime the #kid will interact, and is not made with such sofisticate programs, well 'cause we are not that tecnological, yet with some html and lost of #brainstorming.

At the end this book will be available in #print and #digital interctive version. 

I'm making all the #illustration to be ready to be used in any #format.

I hope you all like it
anyway I'm here for any critics or advice you can give.

Ciao Manuela