New Cover! 6/23/17
VSQx-Me (Not so Quality)

This is a little something special I made for my one year anniversary. I started my first cover ever on June 20th, 2016 so I'm two days late on this. It took me a month to do the first half so I may or may not be doing the second half. Thanks for listening to my stuff for a whole year. I hope you guys like it. Sorry if the mixing is bad my headphones are broken right now.

Off Vocal:

Song/Vocaloid List:

Evening Sunhill / doriko 

Servant of Evil / mothy (Kagamine Len)

Unhappy Refrain / wowaka (Kagamine Rin)

World's End Dancehall / wowaka (Kaito)

Iroha Uta (Iroha Song) / Ginsaku (VY2)

Freely Tomorrow / Mitchie M (Kagamine Len)

Mr.Music / rerulili (Kagamine Rin)

My Time / Kuchibashi-P (Kagamine Len)

Monochrome Blue Sky / Noboru-P (Kaito)

Torinoko City (Left-Behind City) / 40m-P (VY2)

No Logic / JimmyThumb-P (Kagamine Rin)

Shinkai Summit (Heartbreak Summit) / DECO*27 (Kagamine Len)

One of Repetition / Nekomushi-P Vo.Miku (VY2)

Heart Rate #0822 / papiyon Vo.Miku (Kaito)

Yowamushi Mont Blanc (Coward Mont Blanc) / DECO*27 (Kagamine Len)

Meltdown / iroha(sasaki) (Kagamine Rin)

Ten-Faced / YM Vo.GUMI (VY2)

Two Breaths Walking / DECO*27 (Kagamine Len)

Saihate (Farthest End) / Kobayashi Onyx  (Kagamine Rin)

Nostalogic / yuukiss (Kagamine Len)

Double Lariat / agoaniki-P (VY2)

Chain Girl / Noboru-P  (Kaito)

Matryoshka / Hachi (Kagamine Len)

Life Reset Button / kemu (Kagamine Rin)

Sing&Smile / Re:nG (VY2)

Hayabusa / Xenon-P (Kaito)

Tokyo Teddy Bear / Neru (VY2 and Kagamine Len)