New Cover Track "1-2-3" from New Album!
Here is the opening cut to the new album, a jazz - bossa nova version of the Len Barry hit from 1965!

For some time, I've wanted to meld what has previously been two distinctive recording careers, electronic music and jazz piano; but til now I've only been able to bring a touch of jazz improv to otherwise un-jazzy electronica. This new album on the other hand, is largely straightforward jazz; prominently featuring piano and jazz beats, in a bedding of electronic sounds familiar to Seven Octaves fans.

It's a cover album!! But not just any cover album. It's a complete re-thinking of the 1966 Sarah Vaughan album "The New Scene" - which is quite excellent. I didn't borrow from her arrangements or interpretations, but I was inspired by her lively approach to the music (mostly 60's pop hits) for which she had an obvious appreciation and exuberance for. Here is the track list:

1. "1-2-3"
2. "What Now My Love"
3. "L-O-V-E"
4. "Who Can I Turn To?"
5. "Call Me"
6. "With These Hands"
7. "Michelle"
8. "Sneakin' Up On You"
9. "Everybody Loves Somebody"
10. "The Shadow of Your Smile"
11. "Dominique's Discoteque"
12. "I Should Have Kissed Him More"

This is a Patreon only release. I will eventually press copies for radio use, but it will not be on Itunes, Amazon, Soundcloud, Spotify or anywhere else but here.

The entire album is now done - there are one or two more tracks streamable to the public search the tag "free download" on my front page here, but do consider subscribing if you like the music and want to help me get it out there. New tracks and even a newer album are in the works. Thanks for reading and for supporting this music & project!