New CPU, Means Streams Again!
Hi everyone, as you know one of my dear friends SilentFan85 held a charity stream for me a few days back, and raised enough money for me to afford to buy my new CPU, a new keyboard and a new mouse, all of which I needed very badly.  The results of this means I can start streaming again!

So Im not sure about a schedule yet as life is still a bit...spontaneous for me at present, but I will work on streaming again. What games I stream will be what ever I feel like playing at the moment and it looks like Thursdays will be the stream nights so far. If that changes I will post it. 

My life is still pretty much up in the air since the recent death of my husband. Because when he died he took my only income with him. So I do ask your patience as I find my way through the murky waters of uncertainty.  Hopefully things will fall into place and I can try a actual schedule in the very near future. 

Thanks for sticking with me...