New David J/The Hot Place Atlanta Poster!
Hi everyone! This is the new David J poster for the upcoming living room show in Atlanta, with The Hot Place opening the show. I'm going to be printing up this one, and the last one, and I will be happy to give/send all Patreons a copy.  David was so patient, and signed so many things over his four day stay last time, that I didn't want to put another stack in front of him to sign. But, I might be able to get a few with David J and The Hot Place full band signatures. I'll try!

Oh! And this is going to become a T-Shirt, rumor has it. The posters are designed by my longtime friend and resident of New Zealand, Peter Heckman. 

Please comment in the link below, if you'd like a copy of both posters. (If you are coming to the show, I'll just give you one in person!)