A new dawn, a new day, a new slew of spiffy metallic prints are ready to rock and roll.
Sweet! That looks nice. Everything feels clean and streamlined. Only the very best.

My new and improved print shop.

And now I can introduce some really cool things, like fine art photography! I love these in-process shots almost as much as the finished piece itself. It's like owning the history of a painting! In my case, my art has an ongoing, evolving story that changes shape and character as I create it. This lets me carry some of that story forward. :)

Right now I am offering 3 behind-the-scenes looks from the making of Doorway To A Thousand Churches. Many sizes available! 

Also! ::drumroll, please::

Hanami! YES!! Prints now available for the first time ever! ..!!! There are two ways to have Hanami for your very own:

The Full Set -- This is what you want. This is where it's at. This is the be all. 

OR IF NOT and you'd rather just one star photo to keep things chic and minimal, go with this rad close-up

Shout outs to newcomer prints Sakura Starlight and Summer (which I made way back in 2006). Your day has come! Shine like the star you are.

The first three Patrons (at any level!) who comment here will get a *code* for free shipping off their entire order. (US only this time. D'oh! Sorry! :( Rest Of The World, you know I love you.)

Thanks so much to everyone for their support in August! You are legitimately changing my world. It's true. So much has happened because of you. ❤ 

You're not gonna believe some of the news I have for you in September! Well, actually you probably will. You're encouraging and inspirational like that. And I can't tell you how thankful I am ~ But seriously, it's nuts! Goal accomplishment at hyperspeed! 

Very honored to have you along for the ride.