New day new experiences

Going to work has been an interesting experience these past two weeks.

You don't often get to work on things you have little to no prior experience in and have it mean so much to the project you're working on. 

I was taught 3D modeling around 5-6 years ago at a college that didn't quite know what it wanted to be and with no regular teachers. 

My experience working with 3D was that I didn't have any talent in it and I ended up doing Pixel Art and Game Design instead. Something I became somewhat if not pretty proficient at.

Now I sit here today, with a model I started on yesterday, pretty much done with the base model of the character, and about ready to start working on the bone structure and clothes. 

Something that scares me to no end, seeing as we don't have any reference material for the protagonist / "player self-insert".

But progress is being made and that's the most important thing.

The team is currently working on the new and improved UI, which is supposed to communicate what's going on a lot better than it did before.

It's hard to see the end result right now, but it's going to be a nice change that'll help the UX a whole lot.

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