The New Dead Space LP + Updates
Hey all. You may have noticed that I've started up a new SA thread for the Dead Space LP, and that I've converted it from a collaborative commentary thing to just a chill voiced LP with KC Green, VoidBurger and Geop. If you didn't, well hey! Surprise! I restarted the Dead Space LP as a voiced LP with KC Green, VoidBurger and Geop! I'm pretty proud of it so far, and it's only getting better as it goes on. So check it out and hang in the SA thread if the mood strikes you.

So I figured y'all are giving me your hard-earned cash, I should keep you abreast of new projects on the horizon and their statuses. Statusi. Status'?

The Grate Debate
There are two new TGD videos in the pipeline that VoidBurger and I are working on getting out ASAP. One is more dependent on me as it involves a new glitch found in P.T. and all the cool stuff that it allows players to do. Hint: it's crazy. The video will be more of a guide on how to do the glitch and what exactly happens when you do it so you guys can recreate it for yourselves.

The other TGD video is all about Tomm Hulett, and requires a fair amount of research. We're deep into that one though, and our efforts have uncovered some interesting info. Definitely keep an eye out for it.

After those two videos, the idea for TGD is to tackle it in phases.
Phase 1: Create basic synopsis videos for each piece of Silent Hill media that goes over the history and plot of a particular piece of SH media, starting with Silent Hill 1 and going chronologically up to the latest work. So the Silent Hill pachislot, I guess.
Phase 2: Make videos delving deeper into the lore of Silent Hill, such as Multiple Dimension Theory and The Boiler Theory. These videos will be more of a "debate" and represent cases from both sides of the arguments. We'll organize these into theories based on specific SH media and ones that deal with the entirety of the series. It's gonna be fun.

We'll also be doing general Silent Hill News videos throughout as new things happen (like Konami going under and being forced to sell the series to someone who couldn't possibly fuck it up any harder). At some point we'll also riff Silent Hill Revelations 3D, which we are both incredibly excited about. But hey, you shouldn't have dessert for breakfast.

I'll be finishing up Decay: The Mare as soon as I get a new TGD and DS LP episode ready to go. After that I would like to stream some other weird horror games that were given to me as gifts. I'm also considering completing games we only started streaming, like Alien: Isolation and Crystasis. But what I'm really excited to do is stream the Fatal Frame and the Siren games. I've been wanting to do that for a while actually.

I'm also planning on earnestly trying my hand at a P.T. speed-run using the knowledge I've gained via that cool new glitch we'll be showing off in TGD. I need to practice way more with it, at the very least.

YouTube Reacts
A new YTR just went live and I forgot how much fun those were to do! I'm planning on doing a few more soon so keep an eye out for sign-up announcements on my Twitter.

Let's Play Network
LPN is still very much in development. We've had a few people drop out of the project, but the designer is still very much on board and we plan to get back into the swing of things when she isn't completely slammed with work. The wireframes are nearly complete, and after that will come the full design mock-ups of the mobile and desktop versions. Then I'll assemble a pitch video and create a Kickstarter for the project to gauge interest.

Other Things

I've got way too many ideas for new projects to work on, as usual. One is a new way of doing an LP, two others are podcasts, a few are weird YouTube-game ideas (think the Homecoming LP but all original content), and even more are just game concepts. I'm trying to weed out/not talk about stuff that is just completely unrealistic for me to do right now (I have no idea how to make a game, nor do I have the time to devote to one), so I'll just leave it at that.

Anyway, besides work that's all that I've got in the hopper for right now. As you can see it's quite a lot. I actually didn't realize it was this much. Good lord. If you're supporting me here on Patreon, thank you very much! I'm trying to figure out a way of repaying you. If you have any thoughts about this or anything else, definitely let me know!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 41 exclusive posts