New Dev position available!
What is this about?

- As we are crossing over the 15K goal and the current development bottleneck is art, we will be looking at hiring 1 new artist for the team!

What position?

- We need a 2D Generalist, or a 2D Animator, or someone who can do both!

What's a 2D Generalist?

- Someone who can help DarkCookie create 2D art assets for the game. Like characters, backgrounds, objects and UI!

What's a 2D Animator?

 - Someone who can help DarkCookie animate characters during dialogues, animate H-scenes and improve old ones!

Will it be paid?

- Well of course! And we don't pay in panties..

How can I apply?

- Join our Discord server and send me a private message with a link to your portfolio and a brief summary as to why you'd like to work on Summertime Saga!