New Drama Interactions

Compatible with Patch 1.65 (July Knitting Patch)  

UPDATE - July 21, 2020 - Fixed some interactions not showing up as intended

Hola Simmers!

Here are six (6!) new interactions with new moodlets for your sims!

Petty Jab is a throwback from Sims 2. If you know, you know!

Some interactions are based on relationship level, so keep that in mind if they don't show up.

I will be adding to this in the future. So as always, leave your suggestions and feedback below!

Thank you to all my supporters! You are all so awesome ❤

Download HERE (SFS)

Installation Instructions:

1. Download the .package file linked above

2. Install the XML Injector located HERE  (the download button will give you a zip file, unzip it, and only put the .ts4script in your mods folder, you do NOT need the .package file). 

Note: This is required for the new interactions to show up.

3. Place the .package file and the XML Injector .ts4script file here: Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods

 Note: If you use my Argue about Relationship override mod, you can remove it and use this in it's place. But they do not conflict.  

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