New Eatmypaint!
This installment explores the later life of Kevin McCallister following the events of his troubled childhood. Being the victim of consecutive targeted robberies every snowfall must fuck you up as an adult.

This is the angle I wanted when I first saw the tweet. I was undecided whether or not to go for panic or calculated, calm and unnerving enjoyment aspect of kevin's behaviour so I thought id go for both.

I realised that  this comic would have to be split up into 3 900x900 frames, which sort of explains why certain transitions dont flow as I'd have liked.

Also I wanted to do so much more with this idea as it's one of my favourites. Therefore I can confirm that there will be a second installment, with option for a third and I'm so excited to begin that. 

Until then there will be a few other comics to keep you entertained!



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