New Episode: Misery (1990)
Hey everybody,

Ive been quite quiet this month what with all the live show stuff and the thesis getting finsihed but good ol' reliable Gordo hits it home with the weekly show for WPP no matter what eh? :D

So here is the newest episode with Johnny Daly from Disaster Artists podcast and we are talking about Misery, the Stephen King adaptation that was an oscar winner from Director Rob Reiner starring James Caan and Kathy Bates! 

A fuckin classic if Im honest and one of the only one of these King adaptations to stand the test of time! Carrie may have had a shout and the new Carrie was muck! We found it hard to recast this one swell and we hope its remake doesnt get too much interference and end up like The Dark Tower!

Anyhow enjoy, let me know what you think, and I will be doing a big fuck off live stream next week when I get this college work finished once and for all! Boom!