New episodes and a plan
So we have new Anchor podcasts up Mon-Friday now, and for Patreon members we'll be having a new Artie podcast more regularly (one uploading this weekend). 

The plan I speak of is for the live show .. it's being .. planned. But it's beginning to take shape. We might have a venue, and we definitely have a couple writers/collaborators. Update on that and this patreon next week.

Tier Benefits
You're Rad!
$1 or more per month
Thanks for your support of this podcast and show. I'll promise to bring rad stuff to you weekly (and sometimes daily) because you yourself are rad.

Actually .. no .. you're super rad. 

Also, if we ever meet in real life i'll totally give you a hug, fist bump, or high five. 

Super Rad Crew
$5 or more per month
As part of the super rad crew you get a shoutout on every live show and/or be part of it! You're part of the super rad crew after all.

You also get my eternal thanks plus the hug, fist bump, or high five.

Access to any exclusive Patreon content. 

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