Howdy folks,

The last four months have really put things into perspective for me. As you probably know (and are likely anticipating), I have been working on a Criterion Retrospective of Brazil during the entirety of my fall semester. Dates and deadlines usually motivate me to get things done, but I have found myself falling so miserably short of these while not feeling any of the repercussions. Something that I pride myself on is my candor with my audience, but it is with deep shame that I must reveal that I have been hiding something from you: the current restrictions that I have placed upon myself have made me more apprehensive to releasing videos.

What I mean by that is that I have very clearly hammered myself into a rigid formula, and while this works for consistent quality, there are things about my videos that I simply don't like AT ALL. Starting in January, I am going to be making some major changes to the channel.

1. I am no longer going to put ratings on any piece of media. I started using them as a formality and way of categorizing my opinions, but it just nullifies everything I've said in a video. This includes Criterion Retrospectives.

2. Criterion Retrospective rankings are going away. It completely defeats the point of the series.

3. I no longer wish to make I Just Saws. At least in the current way in which they are done. I've been thinking about doing a quarterly report so that every three months I can make commentary on the recent state of cinema, but spending my time scheduling out a bunch of small videos takes away from what I actually want to make.

4. In it's stead, I want to make videos showcasing media that I feel so few are talking about. Of course, this includes the majority of The Criterion Collection, but I want to open the floodgates. I attempted to integrate this into my channel naturally through the introduction of the Audio Cinema series, but I need to make a full scale push into this territory. Lost, forgotten and unpopular media has always been my thing and I'd really like to make my content revolve around this.

5. Channel goals need to be established. I neglected to make an inaugural video when I began to upload with some frequency in early 2016. This was a misstep that has caused great confusion in regards to my content.

6. Many videos are going to be unlisted from the channel. They will be preserved in a playlist that I will always make publically available and I will preface why those videos have been placed there in a dedicated video for the playlist. It isn't that I'm not proud of them, but I don't think they represent who I am anymore. My speaking rate and way in which I edit videos has changed quite dramatically from one year to the next. The more analytical videos from 2017 onwards have been met with warm reception and I've loved almost everything that I've made this year, but my older less focused videos end up pushing more people away from my channel than they do to attract. At least, that is how it seems from the outset. 

7. The next batch of Criterion Retrospectives following Brazil are going to be focused on a few films that I have already done videos on that don't meet my mark of quality. I meant to keep this a secret from you, but I plan on making around 6 Criterion Retrospectives by the time I am done with school. I have been endlessly researching how to better my channel and now I feel that I have the proper skills to put these practices in place. I'd love to give the films that I started with, some of the ones I love the most, the benefit of a revisit.

8. The channel is going to have a schedule. I don't know exactly what that is right now, but I want to have a rotation of content. In my head it goes like this: Criterion Retrospective, Real Talk With Magnus, Audio Cinema, Unnamed Odd Culture Series, UnnamedMedia Phenomenon Series, repeat. We'll see how it goes.

I hope that all of this makes sense. I had a similar feeling when I made my last Patreon update video and over the last month, this feeling has eclipsed me. I've been thinking about doing this since Magnusmania 2016, if that gives you a proper frame of reference. 2018 is going to be the year I make the full push into trying to make this channel a commercially viable career path for myself. I cannot wait to make it happen. Magnusmania 2017 is going to have quite a few separate videos attached to it and it won't be the gargantuine short film that its predecessor was. I plan on making an updated version of An Introduction to The Criterion Collection, A proper channel introduction, A very interesting Retrospective I've been cooking up for a while and perhaps a few others.

Ambition has been the name of the game from the word go, but I think I've matured into something that I simply wasn't two years ago. I'm sitting on what I believe are my best videos yet and my excitement grows with every passing day. My semester ends on the 22nd of December. My hope is that the videos are completed before this date.

I'm holding a poll below to see where you guys factor in on this. Are you fine with my content as is? Or would you want to see the change I'm striving for? I would appreciate a quick vote and if you want, leave a suggestion for how I should operate the channel.

Thank you so much for sticking with me. Thank you for making Magnus Prophecy one of the most meaningful projects I have ever been a part of.



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