Welcome to our new subscribers and hello to our veterans. We're so excited to announce that Ruins of the Storm is expanding to a new platform in the game of Atlas! We'll be offering up the goodies for donations excluding the custom armor and placeables(due to lack of dev kit) for Atlas. A great oppurtunity was offered to me along with a beastly computer to host this atlas server. We will be going live with this Friday as testing has begun all this week. We'll also be hosting a 4x weekend for gathering and levels to help get things off the ground. Since I'm no one important and don't have anyone to interview me, I'll interview myself with some FAQ's that might arise on your noggins.

Q: "But Darmok, how big will the Atlas server be?"

A: "Good question. The server will host 9 separate grids in a 3x3 configuration. Current travel time from one side of the map to another is around 40-50 minutes. '

Q: "Darmok, will the same great roleplay experience be given the same amount of detail and attention as your Conan server?"

A: "Absolutely! The team on my Conan server will remain the same and continue to provide the experience that we are known for as well as some new faces that will help with the Atlas server in terms of Lore, events and storyline. There will be no overall server storyline in this game however, I am hoping to leave that up to my players to write and document in the discord and eventual forums as soon as I can get them up and running. "

Q: "Interesting, what time frame will this take place in and do you plan to modify the elements of game play to match the timeframe?"

A: Short answer, yes. I do plan on making a mod first off that is focused on QoL (quality of life) and then I'll work into cosmetics and custom islands. The time frame will be placed in the high age of piracy(1440-1550's) and will revolve around the technology of that time. I will emphasize my love of Easter eggs and with access to both dev kits don't be surprised to stumble across some of the Great Conan's weapons and armor upon your exploration. "

(EDIT: We will be in the mid 1600's due to explanation of more advanced weaponry and vehicles once the devkit is released)

Q:"Sounds fun, will the patron levels will remain the same but reflect different reward amounts per game correct?" 

A: "Yes it will be the same reward tiers but will be different resources for each game."

Thank you all for supporting me as long as you have. I hope to continue to provide the best role play experience across a number of games going forward and I hope to see you in the wastes of the Exiled lands or the High Seas!