Man, do I love FINALLY being able to show you guys this! 

We’ve been working so hard on this design-really pushing the comforts of our boundaries and trying to give you guys something different this round. This poster and mug design will run August 1-October 31 and the poster will be signed by, the one, the only PHILIP DEFRANCO! Posters will ship in the first two weeks after a month of completed membership.

With all of the crazy things going on in this wild world, we wanted to remind everyone that we’re here and we’re working every day FOR YOU. We wanted to do something with the poster like we’ve never done before and that’s how we landed with this phenomenal, marble design. It compliments the text and quote brilliantly for a match made in inspirational and design perfection. 

We’ve been saying that this is Phil’s favorite design and the mug is a huge part of that. We looked at 20 different proofs of this mug but once we saw the design on this one we knew it was game over. The green marble and black glossy mug go together so perfectly that the final look landed beyond any of the designs that we had envisioned. 

Do you want the MUG & THE POSTER? Click here. Just want the poster? CLICK HERE.  

Can’t wait to start getting these ready for you, Nation!