A new exclusive Bowery Boys podcast for Patrons -- debuting this Friday

Hello Patrons,

This Friday, we are debuting an exclusive new bi-weekly bonus podcast for all those who support the Bowery Boys Podcast at the Five Points level ($5) and above.

It's called AND ANOTHER THING..... and it relates directly to that week's regular Bowery Boys episode release. 

In this new show, Tom and Greg will continue discuss the subject at hand, talking about a couple more aspects of history that they didn't get to share on the show. These will be additional subjects that are tangential to this week's subject or fun asides that had to be cut from the show.

For instance, this week's regular Bowery Boys: New York City History episode will be on the construction of Stuyvesant Town, the mid-century housing development on the east side. For the inaugural episode of AND ANOTHER THING, Tom will further look into critics' reaction to Stuy Town's uniform architectural design

And Greg will explore New York City in the aftermath of the 1968 Fair Housing Act and the federal crackdown which ensnared two major housing developers (including one named Trump). 

All patrons at ALL levels will continue to receive the BOWERY BOYS MOVIE CLUB which comes out every 6-8 weeks. Our latest episode (on the film Moonstruck) is currently in your patron-only audio feed.

Thank you for supporting the Bowery Boys: New York City History podcast! We couldn't do this without you and we really hope you enjoy these new programs.

-- Greg and Tom

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