New factory! #171 Dundee Ceramics Workshop
Greetings Patrons! 

I'm delighted to share that Dundee Ceramics Workshop are now on Make Works. 

Dundee Ceramics Workshop is a ceramics studio in the centre of Dundee. It is a low-key but brilliant facility where you can go to make any sort of work in clay. 

The workshop has facilities for throwing, hand-building, slab building and mould making.  There are two kilns (which have been rehomed from local high schools), two potters wheels and lots of worktop space. 

Aside from the fact that there are a whole range of classes on offer (or 1-1 tuition if you need it) - it only costs £2.50 to go and use the workshop for an afternoon.  I think this model is fantastically accessible and I hope it encourages more artists, designers and members of the public to go and get involved in using clay in their work. 

The workshop is run by Tin Roof - a volunteer run arts collective that provide space and community for creative practitioners in Dundee. 

Find out more and get in touch with Dundee Ceramics Studio here: